jeansvintage semskin

Today’s outfit. Jacket from a vintage store in Copenhagen. Turtleneckbikbok, jeansriverisland, scarfbikbok



I’ve been going back and forth about the thought of publishing this video or not – because a) I’m not good at filming, and b) well, I just wasn’t sure, haha. But anyway, as you can see, I decided to show you guys the video.

I really enjoyed the trip to Copenhagen together with my best friend Kaja. It was so fun! She’s such a good friend, and I simply can’t believe she actually managed to keep the whole trip a secret until we were at the airport. Thank you again, KJ!



Outfit from earlier this year in April. Can’t believe I had short, dark brown hair. Don’t know if I miss it or not, haha. I know people like my blonde hair better, but it’s always fun to try out something new. Next time I might go strawberry blonde? Who knows. 


whitebyfrida spin skirtbyfrida

I found these pictures from this summer, when I made the white skirt you see above. Sadly, I didn’t got the chance to use it more than once, because, well, there wasn’t much sun and I was sick almost the whole summer… But anyway, my plan is to start making more clothes. Maybe a dress will be my next project? Wish me luck!



New York, October 2014. Me and my dad spent five wonderful days in the big city. I just can’t wait to go back and explore more, eat yummy food, and hopefully have my own apartment there. Yes, that’s my dream. New York really is something special, and I do really hope that I get the chance to live there(maybe next year!?). Have you ever been to NY? 


leaftoleaf mom magic pinne sky

How crazy beautiful isn’t this sunset? Just look at the golden colors. It’s really magical. I’m obsessed with sunsets. I have so many pictures of them, and I’ve just started filming them also. And by the way, can you believe it’s already october? This year has gone crazy fast.