I’ve been going back and forth about the thought of publishing this video or not – because a) I’m not good at filming, and b) well, I just wasn’t sure, haha. But anyway, as you can see, I decided to show you guys the video.

I really enjoyed the trip to Copenhagen together with my best friend Kaja. It was so fun! She’s such a good friend, and I simply can’t believe she actually managed to keep the whole trip a secret until we were at the airport. Thank you again, KJ!



Outfit from earlier this year in April. Can’t believe I had short, dark brown hair. Don’t know if I miss it or not, haha. I know people like my blonde hair better, but it’s always fun to try out something new. Next time I might go strawberry blonde? Who knows. 


whitebyfrida spin skirtbyfrida

I found these pictures from this summer, when I made the white skirt you see above. Sadly, I didn’t got the chance to use it more than once, because, well, there wasn’t much sun and I was sick almost the whole summer… But anyway, my plan is to start making more clothes. Maybe a dress will be my next project? Wish me luck!