March 2015, and it was time for the first trip this year, and I were headed to Australia for two weeks together with my dad and sister – it was time for her graduation in Adelaide, and well, I couldn’t stay at home and miss the whole thing. We spent a couple of days in Adelaide first, where we got to see the city, ocean, ate a lot of good food AND we went to a Wildlife park, and I got to feed Kangaroos! Finally got to meet Skippy, haha. After my sisters graduation, we packed our stuff, were back on the plane and The Sunshine Coast were our next stop, which meant – tan time. It was lovely to spend some days by the ocean, just relaxed and enjoyed the sun and the view(aka boys). But once again we packed our stuff and out last stop was Sydney. We saw the Opera house(of course) and we actually watched an Opera play, Aida. It was really amazing. We thought about visiting the place where Home and Away is being filmed, but the weather wasn’t that great, so we dropped it, which I regret now.. But other than that was the whole trip wonderful! I really hope I get to go back one day – there is so much more so see.

Have you ever been to Australia?


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